janice lawrence-clarke, Creative Director

Janice Lawrence Clarke 🇹🇹 is the President and Creative Director of JLC PRoductions, a fashion presentation company, sought-after host and MC, and founder of CAFE™ - Caribbean American Fashion Exchange™, a program aimed at joining fashion design talent and US markets, and through which she has established theCAFE™ Scholarship Fund at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York. The CAFE™ Scholarship is to be distributed to two students who live in the Caribbean to study at FIT.

With a firm belief in economic empowerment through cultural development, Janice has set about promoting the platform of Caribbean Fashion through a series of events and activities that include the panel discussion on the topic What is Caribbean Fashion?

An international fashion consultant, Lawrence-Clarke was recently engaged in a consultancy for the development of a strategic plan for the fashion industry of Trinidad and Tobago.