Dave Cooper, writer

Dave Cooper was born in Cascade, Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹. During sixth form, Cooper joined the Vox Magazine at the Express newspapers where he served as an illustrator and writer. It was during this time that Cooper felt the need to develop a Caribbean superhero and joined forces with his schoolmate, Jason Jarvis, who brilliantly penciled Cooper’s designs and stories, and brought them to life. Unfortunately, the Vox Magazine was cancelled in the Express and ‘The Ninja Rasta’ comic had only run one story, with no chance to gain a fan base. Cooper and Jarvis never gave up and wrote several stories and re-illustrated the first story with plans to one day publish on their own.

Cooper went on to study Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies and started doing small decorations for events and fetes. In 2006, Dave got accepted as a teacher in the government service, a job where he has helped produce many artists on the scene in Trinidad today.

Apart from teaching and decorating, writing has been an essential part of Cooper’s life. Dave went to work penning ‘A Little Closer’ for Caribbean crooners H2O Phlo to writing the scripts for Soca Monarch performances for many soca artistes to introduce their hit songs like Swappi, Patrice Roberts, Skinny Fabulous and many more. Recently, Cooper returned to the music scene with ‘Son of Monday’ during Carnival 2018. Cooper has proven himself to be a Caribbean powerhouse of creativity as one of the brains behind the decor of Private Ryan’s Soca Brainwash.

This year, Cooper returns to his storytelling with the release of his highly anticipated ‘Plight of the Ninja Rastaman’. It is not only a look into the Caribbean diaspora, but also a humorous take on the super hero with a flare of action.