Burnett Coburn was born in the parish of St Andrew Jamaica. 🇯🇲At about age ten he was paid a small fortune of two shillings and sixpence for an essay he wrote in class. A year later he wrote a novel and sent it off to a publisher in New York, unaided by parents or teachers. Burnett later shifted his focus to writing essays when he became a student at the nation’s theatre School, then called The Jamaica School of Drama or JSD. Today it is known as The Edna Manley College. Burnett is the proud recipient of the Greta Fowler Memorial Scholarship awarded to promising theatre arts students.

After leaving JSD he migrated to New York where he exercised the technical skills. he learnt in the Design Department of the JSD. Burnett became an expert wood flooring designer, installer and refinisher. During this time he continued writing and taking extensive notes for future projects which might have remained stillborn had not the miracle of social media intervened. Through interactions with long lost colleagues and new friends acquired through this medium, Burnett realized that he had been wasting his talent.

Four years ago he began to write in a disciplined manner and had his first book of poems Sorbet & Sweet Potato Pudding published. Burnett has just completed volume two of Sorbet & Sweet Potato Pudding which will be published in December 2019.