Amina Susi Ali

About Amina

🇵🇷Amina Susi Ali is the winner of the inaugural 2019 BCLF Elizabeth Nunez Caribbean-American Writer’s Prize. She was born in New York City to a native Puerto Rican mother, and speaks with fond candor of the impact of Puerto Rican culture on her upbringing and her writing style. She currently lives in New York City. Click to read her winning short story, “All Night Laundromat”

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danielle boursiquot

About Danielle

🇭🇹Danielle is Brooklyn-born to Haitian immigrant parents. She started crafting poems in the second grade and moved on to short stories in high school. By college, there were too many stories in her to contain. She loves a good short story and enjoys the challenge of writing one, but the novel is where she finds her heart. Her connection to the Caribbean is her family, culture, and the spirit that follows her no matter how far she roams. Click to read her short story, “Yellow”

ryan seemungal

About ryan

🇹🇹Ryan was born and raised in San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago to two very hardworking parents who ensured he had the opportunities he wished for despite many challenging times. He loves reading, guitar, acrylic painting, video games, music and hiking. He’s creative with interests in becoming a published fantasy and supernatural horror writer, with a hint of social commentary. He has a deep love for mythology from around the world including Caribbean folklore, fantasy world building and geopolitics. Click to read his short story, “Manzana Del La Muerte”

deborah buchanan

🇯🇲Deborah was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and currently lives in Ontario, Canada. She grew up in an average middle-class home with her parents and younger brother. Growing up in Jamaica had its challenges but she went to good schools and got the best education there, in and out of the classroom. She accredits this to the woman she is today. Her family is also, as most Caribbean families are, deeply rooted in Christianity. She is a mother, a wife, an English teacher and a volunteer in numerous organizations. Click to read her short story, “The Best Birthday Ever”

stephanie ramlogan

🇹🇹Stephanie is a Freelance Fashion & Lifestyle Writer and Personal Stylist in NYC. People call her the Trinidadian Carrie Bradshaw. Curly haired and wide-eyed, she moved to New York in 2018 for fashion and writing (and love?) She was writing way before she knew she wanted to be a writer. Her first non-academic writings were young adult erotic-ish novels her friends would take turns putting together and reading during high school! As a fashion writer, she’s been published in the Caribbean, New York, UK and Canada, in various blogs, magazines and newspapers. Click to read her short story, “Cashew Heist”

folAyan xui

🇹🇹Folayan is Trinidadian by birth and accent, but has resided in Washington DC for close to a quarter of a century. Growing up her parents did not "believe" in toys so she got books (and a Scrabble). Because of the lack of physical toys, she and her sisters often played "school" and somehow her eldest sister always ended up being the teacher. She loved giving writing assignments - those stories were the first stories she can recall writing. She still doesn't consider herself a writer though, she just plays one on Facebook. Click to read her short story, “Popping”