Attillah Springer, writer/host

Attillah Springer is a 🇹🇹 Trinidad born essayist, Jouvayist, DJ and flag woman. She has written and curated content for television, print, radio and digital for the past 20 years, focusing on themes of culture and memory.

She has presented papers and written commissioned work on traditional mas, marronage, African spirituality in England, Brazil, Nigeria and Haiti.

She is a Director of Idakeda Group, a collective of women in her family creating cultural interventions for social change especially among women and youth in Trinidad and Tobago and is also one of the conveners of Say Something, a Trinidad based media advocacy and coalition group working on issues of gender based discrimination and violence in Trinidad and Tobago as part of a three year EU funded Human Rights project. She has a longstanding interest in social justice movements and has organized and taken part in events around industrialization versus sustainability in Trinidad, England, Iceland and India since 2005, using Carnival and other indigenous festival arts as forms of protest or awareness building.

She also co-curates the Wajang Diskotheque, an event based collaborative arts project bringing together filmmakers, musicians, visual artists.

‘The Healer’ Chris Ofili, 2010
‘Dance Pretty Fight Deadly’ WomanSpeak A Journal of Writing and Art by Caribbean Women 2014
‘Castle in the Sand’ New Daughters of Africa 2019