Arielle John, POET

Arielle is investing in the West Indian future. A millennial writer, arts educator and cultural researcher, she disembodies any notion of rootlessness, as she deftly shifts between her native Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹and its diaspora, attempting to discern (through self-election for her generation) her role in navigating a quick-shifting planet.

That movement is poetry, performance, mas and disability studies. She tackles making sense of postcolonial life by attempting to translate how Caribbean people have adapted to and survived their subjection; in itself a kind of obeah.

A Callaloo Fellow, Goldsmiths Alumna and youth mentor within the international Brave New Voices Network, her most recent piece of labour looks at the ritual performance of divine femininity within the Trinidad Carnival and a devised solo-performance “Bout Blue” staged in 2018. The Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival loudly welcomes this courageous poet/ storyteller into its fold for 2019.