about us

“The BCLF is a riotous celebration of the rich depth of Caribbean culture and its centuries' long tradition of storytelling.

It is the first literary festival entirely devoted to Caribbean literature in New York City.

The Brooklyn Caribbean Literature Festival is a three-day celebration of culture as expressed through the pen of the storyteller and the voice of the poet. It will be executed as a series of readings of classic and contemporary stories, workshops, talks, and book sales.

The BCLF intends to shine the spotlight on the output of the Caribbean artiste. In so doing, it hopes to empower and motivate the hidden storyteller among us to find the courage to tell his/her own story; and foster appreciation for the Caribbean tale and voice among others.”

It will be free, and open to all members of the public.

We believe that this festival will receive fierce public support for a number of reasons of time and place. With respect to time, Caribbean culture is quickly entering the mainstream and being hungrily consumed in the form of its music, cuisine and art; it currently holds mass appeal. We expect the same type of response to our literature and a forum of this nature, since the region has birthed honorific prize-winning writers who have indelibly changed the writers' landscape.

With respect to place, Brooklyn is the largest hub of Caribbean migrants and the dwelling place of many writers of the diaspora.


BCLF needs your support

Help us write a new chapter in Caribbean history with The Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival! All funds collected as part of this campaign will be used to bring writers to Brooklyn, NY and promote the Caribbean literary community.
Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!